Former Scion of Orcus


Kalarel, Scion of Orcus Medium natural humanoid (human) Level 8 Elite Controller XP 700

Initiative +5 Senses Perception +9 HP 186; Bloodied 93 AC 22; Fortitude 21, Reflex 19, Will 24 Saving Throws +2 Speed 5 Action Points 2

Alignment Evil Languages Common, Draconic, Goblin Skills Religion +12 Str 21 (+9) Dex 12 (+5) Wis 21 (+9) Con 21 (+9) Int 10 (+4) Cha 12 (+5)


Kalarel was once the Nentir Vale’s greatest threat until recently, where he met his “demise” through the actions of the dragonborn twins and their companions.

A prominent priest within the cult of Orcus, Kalarel was tasked to reopen the portal that lay dormant beneath the ruined Keep of the Shadowfell, located in the Nentir Vale near Winterhaven. The portal is linked to a temple of Orcus located within the Shadowfell itself, and from it will come legions of undead loyal to the Demon Prince. Great rewards would be given to the loyal priest, as well as the glory of the future conquest of the entire continent.

The plan was set into motion. He hired the goblin warlords Balgron the Fat and Irontooth to oversee the interior defenses of the keep and to harass anyone approaching the town of Winterhaven. Winterhaven, being a remote farming town, posed no threat.


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