Solari Soulfire

Cleric of Bahamut




A name that was given to the son of Ankaria Soulfire, a mage of great skill and wonder, and Rosolius Soulfire, a paladin following in the greatest footsteps of his diety… Pelor, The Sun Father… The Shining One. The two of them would hope that Solari would follow in their footsteps of their deity Pelor, often sending him to the temples when they were called off to wars. However, it was at these temples that he was deemed unworthy to even worship Pelor, as he had no place in any sort of magical skill set there.

During this time, when he was being deemed unworthy, his parents were slain. His mother was slain by a Drow Elf whilst on the way to bring her son home, and tell him of the stories of his father and how they won many a battle together… protecting each other. Protection… thus being the first sign and domain of another diety.

His father… was killed in battle only soon thereafter. However, long before that a Drow Elf came to his aid, saving him from multiple killing blows, but at the same time taking some in his wake. The Drow Elf, a Swordmage by the name of Kai-ne Firsal, told his father, “Even though our races have hated each other for all these years, we know not what we hate each other for. I believe it is about time that we shed our fears of each other in the hope that we can once call ourselves brothers and sisters someday.” Rosolius, having hated the man for dying in his arms and saving his life, but also hating the man for being a Drow Elf, had never heard of a Drow Elf speak of Hope. Hope… the second sign and domain of the same diety.

When Solari found out that his mother had been killed by a Drow, and that his father had his life spared by one… he had no clue what to think of their race anymore. However, he still knew that no matter what someone would tell him differently, but he would never let them change his mind on that subject. When the coming days soon passed, and he was kept out of his studies for being unworthy to Pelor, he wandered… at only the age of 12.

He began searching for a life anew, challenging others to fight him, wanting to die so that he could meet his parents in the heavens above. He never truly got his wish, but what he did find was solace in another man… someone to whom he owes a debt of gratitude… even after his death… a man named Tairian Mo-sharde. This passer by, in search of knowledge, was challenged by Solari. He let the boy try his best, but in the end what he saw in him was power, prophecy, and light. What he also saw hurt him the most… pain and agony… but most of all… suffering.

He asked Solari to join him, to come along and train in the ways of a diety that he had never heard of before, but could be considered to be redeemed for his sins in the hopes of finding the family of the Drow Elf that helped his father. Solari took hold of that thought, the very ideal that he could somehow show that every Elf known to man would be able to get along, and an alliance could be formed… if only in the slightest of ways. It would be what this man would want, what his friend would look up to him for… what his parents would see. He would be able to do a justice to which no Eladrin or Elf would be able to claim, but his own. Justice the final sign and domain of a diety he now claimed to study under…

Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon.

Since his years of studying at the temple, and now that he has been deemed worthy in Bahamut’s eyes to become a cleric in the most holy of ways, he has helped those in need, no matter what race or region they come from. He has shown that no matter what… just like Tairian… there is always those pure of heart willing to come forth…

and spread light in the darkest of times.

Since than… he has never felt a truer calling than this one.

He had finally found a place in this world…

and his parents would’ve been proud to know that.

Solari Soulfire

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