Estellise Sidos Heurrassein

Better known as Ellise


Estelle is an 18 year old noblewoman who has spent all of her life growing up in the Castle walls. Due to her restrictive upbringing, she has gained most of her worldly knowledge through books. As a result she has developed a love for reading, and can recite various passages from heart. Proficient in healing artes, she was also trained in swordsmanship by a famed Imperial knight to better protect herself from the outside world. Despite her abundance of trivial knowledge, she has never left the castle and is sorely lacking in real-world experience. This becomes evident in her difficulty making critical decisions. Good-natured and selfless, she often puts others before herself. She uses her healing skills to help others whenever she can, and she is always kind to complete strangers.


Child to Linda and Laurence Heurassein and Sister to Phineas, Ferb and Candavere. Estellise took up studying on becoming a cleric after reading the biography of one of the most well known clerics of the land, Uther “The Lightbringer.” Wanting to be like him, she also convinced her father to allow her to be trained in the arts of fighting along with her cleric duties. When she’s not training on either healing or fighting she likes to spend her free time with Candavere and their best friend Stacy. She also has taken up quite an interest in Phineas and Ferb’s inventions, helping them out in any way she can. Though she and her siblings are unaware of it, she is actually adopted to the family and her real parents are still unknown.

Estellise Sidos Heurrassein

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