Nissa Raulnor

Crazy little gnome woman


Nissa is characterized by short, wild blonde hair and an infamous twitch of one eye and the side of her lip on one side of her face. She has a lanky build and a somewhat scratchy voice. She almost always has a dwarven pint(mug size) of coffee in one hand unless she is in a fight. she wears a tabard of sehanine. on her person are hammers that she fights with.


Nissa was once a respected avenger of Sehanine not only for her skill but for her intellect as well. She was a meticulous tactiction before she descended into a twitchy bug-eyed madness. Many who knew her before blame her many sleepless nights relentlessly working on personal battle plans to the point of damaging her mind paired with the isolation of not being able to cummunicate with people on her intellectual level. Others who follow Sehanine see it as a sort of divine madness to where there is a sort of sense behind her mad ramblings.

Those who meet Nissa now are often intimidated by her madness and often associate it with her seemingly zealotous obsession with coffee. Those who meet her are wise to not get between her and the caffiene-laden beverage unless they want to be attacked. It is debatable on wether this is actually true or just another mad rambling, but Nissa often claims to certain individuals in a whisper “I have AIDS.”

Although she is mad, deep down there are still indicators that there is still intelligence buried in there. For the most part she is generally harmless unless she percieves something wrong with you or you do something that defames coffee or sehanine.

Nissa Raulnor

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