Dark Times

The Dark Times is the period from the fall of the Empire of Nerath to the present.

The world has not recovered well from the fall of Nerath. The empire had given it’s lands much security from the dangers of evil monsters, bandits and the like. The roads had been maintained and watched, trade flourished and the outlying towns and villages had plentiful harvests.

With Nerath fallen to gnolls and civil war in the power vacuum, the towns and cities within the fallen empire’s borders were left to fend for themselves. Without a guard present from the capital, many of the small towns and villages were easy prey to goblins and orcs, as well as more dangerous creatures from the Underdark.

It has been one hundred years since Nerath’s falling. The world now comprises of smaller city-states. These city states are controlled by the noble houses that formed during the times of the Nerathian Empire. Lesser nobles are in charge of the various towns and villages of the countryside, and many of them wish for the glory days of the past to return. Various small kingdoms do exist, such as the Kingdom of Astrean, but they are but barely even a shadow of the once proud Nerath.

The roads have fared poorly and banditry is common. Pirates roam the seas once patrolled by Nerath’s finest ships. Trade between city-states has not become as profitable as it once was. Small towns suffer the most, barely able to make ends meet.

The world is in sorry shape, yet it’s the perfect time for heroes…

Dark Times

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