Empire of Bael Turath

Bael Turath was the famous (some historians say infamous) tiefling empire that ruled much of the eastern half of Aetheria. It was an empire of great magic, many tieflings were skilled warlocks who have signed their souls to the Nine Hells for power. It was only through the great war with Arkhosia that the empire fell into ruin. Like the Dragonborn of today, many tieflings still long for a nation to call their own.

Historians will tell you that Bael Turath was originally the first major human empire of it’s day, pre-dating Nerath for 600 years. It was still indeed a powerful empire ruled by magic. However, when the seeds of decline began to take root, the Empire began to crumble. Nobles seeking to carve out their own fiefs, civil war, assassinations, plagues. The end of Bael Turath would be over unless something drastic was done.

The ruling emperor, his empire on the verge of collapse, had a vision. He saw a new golden age of Bael Turath, the empire could be saved! The price however, would be high…some would say their eternal souls.

The emperor, his family and all the nobility of Bael Turath went to the Athenium, the biggest temple in all of Bael Turath, and upon the altar, they all signed their names in blood, binding their souls to that of the Nine Hells. Those that did not comply were executed as traitors, their blood fueling the infernal magic that powered the temple. Upon the last signature, the humans transformed, becoming like the devils themselves, the first Tieflings of Aetheria.

The dark pact with the devils did indeed save the empire. With the power of the Nine Hells, order was quickly restored. The empire was indeed in a new golden age of expansion and conquest!

Their golden age ended when they began to clash with their rival empire of Arkhosia. Negotiations were few between the two nations. First came the skirmishes, then the minor wars, until finally neither side could tolerate each other. The War of Ruin had begun.

Massive magical spells were unleashed, causing much territory on both sides to fall to the Spellplague. Yet despite the mutual ban of such destructive magic, both sides continued their war of annihilation.

When the dust settled, Bael Turath was all but gone. The emperor and his family are dead, and those tieflings that still remained have no home to return to. It wasn’t until the empire of Nerath, that the tieflings would find some semblance of home, but even then for many years as second-class citizens.

Empire of Bael Turath

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