Empire of Nerath

The last of the three great empires in the history of the world, and the most recent is the Empire of Nerath.

Throughout the period after the fall of Bael Turath and Arkhosia, various small kingdoms and large warbands have risen throughout the world. However, many of these small kingdoms and warlords fought between each other incessantly. The House of Nerath, the ruling house of one such great kingdom, united most of the world under one banner. Legend has it House Nerath was guided by Erathis herself.

The first Emperor Margath claimed the land that was to be the grand city of Nera over the site that used to be the home of a great gold dragon.

To avoid the tragedies of warfare and tensions between the various races (such as the war between Arkhosia and Bael Turath), the Empire of Nerath instituted an open tolerance to all races of the world. There were exceptions of course, abberant creatures, orcs, goblinoids, gnolls, were too savage to join the civilized world. While this did indeed bring much peace throughout the land, as these civil rights were heavily enforced by law, it eliminated any real sense of racial culture.

For 500 years, Nerath reigned supreme throughout most of Aetheria. The Flame Imperishable burned strong in the capital city of Nera.

Like all civilizations, Nerath too, went into decline. Discontent and rebellion soon became common occurrences throughout the many provinces. The Imperial Legions were stretched thin as they attempted to maintain order, but this was a portent to a war of cataclysmic proportions.

The many gnoll tribes, once so disorganized, now join under a single banner. Their leader, known as the Ruler of Ruin, a proclaimed prophet of the demon lord Yennoghu, called for the Empire’s destruction. The Ruler of Ruin commanded many demons to join in with the gnoll hordes. The gnolls rampaged across all of Nerath, leaving nothing alive in their wake.

The beleaguered Empire was ill prepared to repel the massive gnoll invasion. Within months the Empire was crumbling, and it wasn’t long before they reached the gates of Nera itself. The Gates of Destiny, the majestic city doors that many had hoped to force any invader to surrender, were brought down and defiled by the gnolls.

With the fall of Nera and the death of the Emperor, the provinces began to bicker among themselves who would be next to claim the imperial throne. King Elidyr, who had a claim to the throne, took the Imperial Crown without the other nobles consent, and rallied the Imperial Legions to resist the gnoll horde. Seeing the desperation, the remaining nobles ceased their bickering and lent their own forces to supplement the Imperial Legions.

At the Battle of Sarthel, Elidyr finally clashed with the Ruler of Ruin. The gnolls were defeated, but only at the cost of Elidyr’s life. With the Legions in disarray, the gnolls rallied and consolidated their hold on Nerathi territory. The Empire of Nerath fell at last, as the many provinces broke up into their own city-states, the most notable of them being the Kingdom of Astraean. While many gnoll tribes have moved on, they are still very present in Nera one hundred years later.

Empire of Nerath

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