Since the beginning of time, the unstable lower plane of the cosmos known as the Elemental Chaos has been home to being of such immense power that rivaled the gods. They were known as the primordials, beings of such elemental power that they could create entire worlds.

And entire worlds they did create, places of such scale and size that rivaled that of Aetheria. But the Primordials, like the elements, were unstable and chaotic, and they destroyed their worlds just as quickly as they can create them.

And so this cycle of creation and destruction lasted for untold eons, until the gods themselves intervened. A world that the Primordials built, the gods felt suitable to populate it with life. They created races of people that would serve and venerate them. The primordials’ anger knew no limits; their great cycle of chaos had been broken, and the gods would pay dearly for their interference.

And so the Dawn War began, a great cataclysmic war between the gods and the primordials. Entire worlds and planes destroyed in their wake. The Elemental Chaos grew even more unstable, and the Astral Sea, home to the gods saw it’s lattice network of domains shattered and fractured.

The gods prevailed in the end; those primordials that were not destroyed in the conflict were sealed inside great divine prisons, never to be open again. Rumors within the Elemental Chaos are abound of some primordials that are still yet free. Whether the stories are true or not, none are ever willing to find out…


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