The Lost Lands

The Lost Lands were once a region that lay on the borders of the dragonborn empire of Arkhosia and the tiefling empire of Bael Turath. The great conflict between the two civilizations led to the unbridled use of powerful draconic and infernal magic. This was an age of magic that rivaled only that of the Dawn War. Spells of such size and scale were used against each other, and the borderlandish region became ground zero.

Magics from very different sources do not tend to mix at all, instead creating unstable energies that warp the surrounding flora and fauna. Such is the scale of the spells unleashed that the entire region became engulfed in the unstable magical fallout. Thousands died almost immediately, thousands more became horrific aberrant creatures. The region was quarantined off, and the use of such massive spells ceased on both sides, lest they engulf the world in what was called the Spellplague.

Over a thousand years passed since the fall of Arkhosia and Bael Turath. The world had given rise to a new empire, Nerath. Nerath, eager for expanding their great united civilization, looked to the Lost Lands for an opportunity to open up new territories and to show off their might. Arcanists of all traditions studied the Spellplague and after many years of hard research and development, created arcane and divine rituals that would cleanse the land of the Spellplague. The great Empire of Nerath very nearly succeeded in healing the damage caused by the great war a millenium ago, leaving only few pockets of the Spellplague left. Unfortunately, Nerath fell during the great Gnoll Uprising that led to it’s downfall, and the region was never fully healed.

Today, the Lost Lands is slowly rebuilding itself. A great city, New Haven, founded in the time of Nerath still stands, tough it is merely a shadow of it’s former glory. Various villages and towns dot the surrounding landscape, and for the most part the people that live there are content. Many still bear the scar that marks one affected by the Spellplague, and they are still to this day scorned as though they are cursed. The rituals to cleanse those tainted are lost.

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The Lost Lands

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